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When the worst happens and you suffer a roofline emergency from leaky gutters to broken downpipes, you want an Edinburgh roofer who can be with you and solve the problem quickly. 1st Roofing Edinburgh are one of Central Scotland’s top roofing companies, operating throughout Edinburgh, the Lothians and central Scotland.  Our team of professional roofers have plenty of job experience to deal with whatever roofing problem you face.

Whether you need guttering, downpipe and fascia repairs and maintenance, or a complete replacement of your roofline, we can help. With over 30 years’ experience in the roofing trade, we do so from a position of experience. We can also advise on re-roofing your property, and help you choose the right roofing materials for both your property and your budget. So no matter what your roofing needs are, we will have the right people to help with them.

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A Stitch In Time Will Extend The Life Of Your Roofline

Roofline beyond repair

No matter what type of guttering materials are installed on your roof, from traditional cast iron to modern PVCu, the best way to length its lifespan is to maintain it. Without the right roofline maintenance, you increase the likelihood that something will go wrong with your whole roof. Conversely, by looking after your gutters, you reduce the chance that the weather will have a negative effect on your home.

It can be easy to overlook your roofline, but gutters, fascias and soffits are an essential part of keeping your property wind and watertight. We offer the best guttering repair and maintenance service in Edinburgh and real value for money when it comes to guttering services. Call us for a no obligation cost-effective quote and ensure that the roof on your home always remains protected.

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Is Your Roofline Beyond Repair & In Need Of Replacement?

Roofline components including fascia, soffits, gutters, bargeboard, box end and downpipe

We can free you from the burden of having to continually repair and repaint rotten wood, fascias, soffits, downpipes, bargeboards and cladding, by replacing them with high quality PVCu in a finish to compliment the style of your home – including rainwater goods that look like cast iron, but with none of the upkeep required by the real thing – leaving you with an easy to maintain, beautiful roofline.

Inadequately-protected roof rafters can be vulnerable to wood rot or fungus, necessitating expensive and time-consuming repairs. Properly installed and maintained fascias and soffits with integral ventilation, conceal and protect the ends of your roof rafters, giving you an attractive unified appearance with no unsightly gaps or holes, to ensure protection for your roof and walls from water.

There are 6 components to a roofline: fascia, bargeboard, soffit, guttering, dry verges and drainpipes, all working to keep your house dry and warm.

  • FASCIA: The long straight board running horizontally around the house under the lower edge of the roof. It’s a key component in supporting the bottom row of roof tiles and the guttering. In a downpour a good few gallons of water hit your roof quickly. If your fascia board is warped, cracked or rotten, it should be replaced.
  • BARGEBOARD: Like fascia, bargeboard supports the tiles on the gable end of the house and adds to the roof aesthetics.
  • SOFFIT: This board hangs under the fascia, and is often the most visible part of the roofline from below. Traditionally it provides ventilation to the roof, keeping condensation to a minimum while also keeping your roofline dry and free from rot.
  • GUTTERING: The guttering is the horizontal half round (or square) tube attached to the fascia by hangers. It catches rain running off the roof to stop your house from becoming a waterfall during a downpour.
  • DRAINPIPE: The drainpipe, or vertical downpipe, links to the guttering and directs the water runoff into the drain and away from your house foundations. It may or may not have a hopper near the top to catch debris.
  • DRY VERGES: If the cement mortar on your gable ends are cracked or starting to look a tired, rather than re-pointing, look at investing in PVCu dry verges caps instead. These can even be colour-matched to your roof / ridge tiles
  • CLADDING: Not necessarily part of your roofline - it is simply an extra protective layer of material, keeping the weather out of the building vertical surfaces, for example around dormer windows, while adding to the overall aesthetic of the property.
fascias and soffits before replacement Fascias and soffits after PVCu replacement

Slide Arrows Right & Left To View Before & After Roofline Being Replaced

Available in a range of colours, a new PVCu roofline not only looks nice, but also shows the house has been well maintained. It can increase the value of your house by making a good first impression on potential buyers. It requires no painting and minimal maintenance, making it a fantastic roofline solution.

Depending on your house style, some roofline colours will compliment it, while others may not. For example a dark blue fascia may not look as good on a red brick house as walnut or mahogany, while a light Oak coloured fascia, soffit and bargeboard with white guttering and drainpipes looks good against sandstone, for a clean modern look.

PVCu (often also referred to as uPVC or PVCue) fascia boards, soffits, gutters, dry verge and cladding now account for over 85% of roofline replacement and new builds in the UK and when installed professionally. PVCu roofline products are a highly durable, environmentally friendly, cost effective, safe, secure and robust product.

It is now widely recognised that the maintenance in painting, sanding, re-pointing and the technical performance of timber (which has poor thermal efficiency), especially for roofline, is no longer acceptable when compared with its PVCu equivalent.

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If your roofing job is urgent, for example storm damage or a leaking roof, call us on Edinburgh 0131 440 2525 or 07894 810070 and we will provide a rapid respond to at least check out your roof and advise you on a course of action, to take the urgency out of the situation. Where possible we will effect a proper permanent repair there and then. When this is not feasible, we may require to temporarily sheet over the damage to ensure your roof is safe, wind & watertight, until a permanent repair can be made.

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