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1st Roofing Edinburgh has over 30 years’ experience working on all types of roofs in Edinburgh, using all types of roofing materials, including lead. Experience in working with this traditional roofing material is vitally important as it isn’t the easiest medium. If you have a roofing requirement that demands lead, allow the professionals to do the work for you and give us a call for a customised quote for your leadwork – from flashings to flat roofs.

With extensive experience working on historic roofs around the city we understand the many different and complex leadwork components that may be required to complete your job, be it large or small, simple or complex. We constantly strive to maintain the very highest of standards as expected by a trade whose traditional skills are recognized as being an art in itself. We utilise a range of lead techniques including lead welding and bossing lead details.

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Lead Flashings, Ridges, Valleys + Lead Flat Roofs

Lead is indisputably one of the great building materials, and when properly laid will outlast all other coverings. It is the most preferred form of protective weathering. Some common uses for milled and sandcast lead sheet include lead valley linings, box gutters, lead chimney and abutment flashings, lead roof dormers, lead flat roofs, lead bay roofs, lead porches and lead canopies, claddings, cornices, copings and barrel roofing, architectural leadwork for downpipes and hopper-heads castings and claddings.

No matter how big or small the job, we provide a complete service which takes care of everything from patch repairs to complete replacement, carrying out all of the leadwork ourselves, to guarantee the quality of our work. Please do not hesitate to get in touch for a free, no obligation, quote or advice from our highly skilled team of lead craftsmen with over 30 years of experience using traditional techniques to the highest standards. Our team can also provide a prefabrication service, designed to suit your specification.

Why Choose Lead For Your Roof

Lead is a soft, malleable and resilient heavy metal, making it ideal for external use in construction. Roofing leadwork is used mainly to stop rainwater from entering junctions between roof elements and to channel water off a building. It also has decorative uses. Lead expands and contracts as weather conditions change, and detailing allows for this to prevent stresses forming in the lead sheet. Our expert knowledge is invaluable in ensuring that your leadwork repairs and the fabric of your property, has a long life.

With proper maintenance, lead can effectively and reliably keep your roof wind and watertight for over 100 years. Leadwork repairs and replacements to match original construction on older buildings needs traditional skilled craftsmanship. For example, using lime mortar, not cement mortar for repointing, which can damage stone masonry. For best results it’s wise to use a local contractor familiar with local architectural traditions, local slating and leadwork techniques –  such as 1st Roofing Edinburgh.

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Facts About Environmentally Friendly Lead

Lead is one of the oldest most durable building materials and known to last for 500 years. It’s a sustainable building material with green credentials, used on the roofs of cathedrals, churches and public buildings for centuries.

More recently it has been used on thousands of UK homes and offices. Detailed and fitted correctly, lead sheet has outstanding durability, making it ideal for flashings, while its extreme malleability makes highly adaptable for covering complex shapes and details.

Lead is a natural medium with a long service life, that eventually can also be easily recycled and reused time and time again, making lead the greenest of building materials, compared to man-made substitutes.

Sustainable buildings are increasingly important as we all try to reduce our Carbon footprint. As a result, lead, one of the oldest, most traditional roofing materials, is now seen more often in contemporary buildings.

  • Lead is eco-friendly, while some modern materials can need replacement within 20 years, with both a negative cost + environmental impact.
  • UK scrap lead recovery network ensures 95% of all lead used in building is recycled with recovery rates higher than for alternative products.
  • Lead never deteriorates and is 100% infinitely recyclable, retaining all the natural qualities that attract specifiers to use to it in the first place.
  • Recycling lead uses less energy than the original creation process, making reclamation cost effective AND environmentally friendly.
  • 3 million tonnes of lead are produced each year by recycling scrap lead which is more than that produced by mining, preserving precious resources.
  • Specifying lead helps keep other difficult and expensive materials to recycle from entering the ecosystem and eventually ending up in landfill.
  • R&D shows that synthetic alternatives to lead have significant impact on global warming during manufacture, threatening the environment.

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If your roofing job is urgent, for example storm damage or a leaking roof, call us on Edinburgh 0131 440 2525 or 07894 810070 and we will provide a rapid respond to at least check out your roof and advise you on a course of action, to take the urgency out of the situation. Where possible we will effect a proper permanent repair there and then. When this is not feasible, we may require to temporarily sheet over the damage to ensure your roof is safe, wind & watertight, until a permanent repair can be made.

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    We use the best materials to ensure the longevity of your roof or roof repair. For example we recommend lead flashings around chimneys and EPDM / rubberised flat roofing materials that can be walked on regularly.

    We are experienced at working at a height using ropes and harness + cherry pickers (see illustration) where appropriate, avoiding the extra cost and inconveneince of erecting scaffolding unless absolutely essential.

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